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Storming the ConFusion

The longest-running fan-run SF/F convention in Michigan, ConFusion is a premier event for publishing professionals and fans alike. It is hailed as a place to experience programming and guests on the caliber you find at a WorldCon, while located in a convenient and affordable setting.

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Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball 2019

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN!!! The Renaissance Masqued Dinner and Ball!!!

Caribbean Sunset
All of the beautiful colors of a Caribbean Sunset, Gold, Yellow, Orange, and Red!!!

$5.00 per person at the door. No pre-ticket / entry sales at this time.

We will be on the main floor of Sullivan’s Black Forest and Brew Haus again! What a great time it was last year!

Still getting information about the menu. Will share that as soon as it is available.

As soon as we have hotel information we will post it!

We are still taking donations for the silent auction! If you have something that you want to donate, please let us know.

Special Caribbean themed drinks!!!

Costume / Garb Contest
Mask Contest
Musical Men
Musical Women

Keep your pin collection up to date! Get there early to make sure you get yours!!!

Blitzbit bowl E-sports Charity Tournament

This Video Game 2 Vs 2 Madden 2018 E-sports Charity event where first responders and the community come together for some friendly competition the event Sponsored by Waterford 1335 Firefighters, the event will benefit the The Great Lake Burn Camp Of Michigan

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A Steampunk Celebration of Rubber Ducky Day

As everyone knows, January 13th is National Rubber Ducky Day.

Rubber Duckies have a clouded history. No one really knows where they came from. Whether it was from our own bath time or the song by Ernie from Sesame Street, we all knew of them and wanted one.

Let’s celebrate it with a Steampunk style. If you have a rubber ducky, bring it. If not, we will have some spare duckies. So how does one celebrate Rubber Ducky Day? Join us at Patrick J’s and find out.

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