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JAFAX AKA Japanese Animation, Film, and Art eXpo.
JAFAX is a 2 day anime convention held every year at the Grand Valley State University campus in Allendale, Michigan. The best thing about this convention is the admission price. FREE. You read that right. It’s free.
Anime screenings, costume shows, vendors, video game room, table top gaming, panels, artist alley and guests are what to expect at this convention.

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JAFAX 2.0 Reboot (2016)

Grand Rapids’ longest running anime con is back. This convention was sorely missed in 2015.  2016 will mark the 20th anniversary event for the convention which celebrates attendees dressed in costumes of popular Japanese animation characters, cultural seminars, like how to make traditional Japanese meals, and even local artists who will exhibit at booths throughout the weekend.

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JAFAX December Reunion: Return of the BattleTech Pods!

They’re the fully-immersive, video game experience where you climb inside a working cockpit and pilot, coordinate, and fire weaponry with your team in live combat situations, against other realtime pilots.

JAFAX is proud to once again take our FIFTH annual pilgrimage to the Mechwarrior Tesla II Pods at Big Kidz Games for our official December reunion event.

NEW THIS YEAR: BKG has also added an Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator!!
You may have played one of these at Grand Rapids Comic Con or Youmacon. Now, between Battletech missions, you can pilot your own starship with your trusted crew at the helm. How sweet is that?

Reunions are open to anyone who either has or has never attended JAFAX before.

Pricing update, 12-5-15: Battletech and Artemis game prices are $2 per round, and may be less if we have enough people show at the meetup.
Day passes for the BattleTech pods and Artemis are $25 for umlimited play!

We may also have a white elephant gift exchange as well, we’ll decide based on input from the group.

We’ll meet up at noon on Saturday, December 12 at the Rivertown Mall food court for lunch and holiday shopping and then carpool over to the pods around 2:00 or so.

After pods, we may have dinner, call in a pizza, what have you. We will be in the Plainfield area after playing with the pods. Suggestions for dinner plans welcome!

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JAFAX 20 Interview

JAFAX (Japanese Animation, Film, and Art eXpo) is a long running anime convention in Grand Rapids with 19 years of history. Rae and Jon talk about this awesome convention and the guests. Check it out.


Drink and Draw: JAFAX 2.0 Preparty

Calling all local artists, booze drinkers, anime fans, manga readers, and local booze-drinking-anime-fan-manga-reading artists! Have you ever wanted to prep for the upcoming JAFAX Anime Convention by meeting local creatives, exchanging ideas, and swapping fandom stories over a cold pint?

Lucky for you, you’ll get the chance! And this time the party is gonna be too kawaii to live and too sugoi to die!

Come prepare for JAFAX 2.0 and ready your mental palette at another Party Table Drink and Draw. Join us at the Sundance Grill & Bar for an evening of sketching, drinking, just drinking until your sketches look good, and talking about anime. You bring your mad skills, or “talent,” we’ll bring the art supplies.

Crayons, pencils, and sharpies, as well as white and newsprint paper will be provided. General supplies may be limited, but artists with more discerning tastes are encouraged to bring their own fancy pencil boxes for personal use!

This event is a chance for us anime obsessed local creatives and JAFAX aficionados to gather together before a weekend indulging in some fantastic fandom to exchange wisdom and vision over a nice cold drink. A private room will be reserved at the Sundance Grill & Bar that will seat 40 so room and supplies will be limited. First come first serve.

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JAFAX 2016 (Fri/Sat)

Check out these photos from Friday and Saturday afternoon from the returning JAFAX.

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JAFAX 2016 (Sat/Sun)

Final batch of photos from JAFAX 2016. Saturday afternoon to closing time on Sunday are the name of the game of this album from the returning event.
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Comfort and Adam at JAFAX 2016

Independent comic artist duo Comfort Love and Adam Withers talk about their comics. Learn more about The Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. We also talk about their art style, the first exposure to comics and Bad Dudes.


Brittney Karbowski at JAFAX 2016

Brittney Karbowski is responsible for being Black Star from Soul Eater and Migi from Parasyte in the voice acting world. We talk about the Rocky Horror Show, Darker than Black, and murder rooms (?????) among other things.