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Autumn Assault Bohurt Tournament

This event is officially a selection tournament for the HMB Tournament to be held at the Arnold Sports Festival in March 2020 in Columbus, OH. Registration for that event is closed. Autumn Assault is not restricted to just those teams.

Our location is an outdoor list in Ferndale, MI with possible tent if weather is foul. Changing tents will be available. There will be a men’s 5v5 tournament as well as some women 5v5 fighting. Pending enough time at the end, we might have some all v all fights.

Our event is part of a larger all day festival where food and vendors will be present. There is some planned pro fights in the evening as well as a feast planned, tickets required.

Tickets are required for all attendees, except for volunteers or fighters. Please contact us if you conduct business with the Detroit Fight Club, which we can provide some discounted tickets. Look forward to seeing you soon.

An regulation field or close to it of 10m x 20m will be in place, which is currently planned for about 32’x48′ in size. A small list for foam and duels may be provided for those wishing to get more fighting in.

Those wishing to clubs, fighters, volunteer and support the operations of the event can apply here soon.

Events for the Week Oct 7th-13th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Stagecoach Stop Steampunk Invasion & After Party

Two events in one!
12-5pm Steampunks Invade Stagecoach Stop in Onsted Michigan. Meet at the front gate. Tickets can be purchased onsite.
6-9 pm Steampunks join the Pirates After Party with live music by Pirates and Wenches at Two Black Sheep Restaurant in Manchester Michigan. Free admission.
Steampunk, Weird West, historical and/or pirate garb encouraged.


GVSU Renaissance Festival 2017

Despite the 90 degree heat, I returned to the GVSU Renaissance Festival. Enjoy these photos.

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Ishpeming Renaissance Festival and Art Faire 2015

The Ishpeming Renaissance Festival and Art Faire is a one day event filled with music, art, crafts, costumes, vendors, and family fun. The day is filled with unique entertainment provided by quality art booths, authentic period performers, a variety of food and beverage vendors and costumes inspired by historical culture.

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