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Hero Nation Comic Con 2020

Ypsilanti’s own FREE Hero Nation Comic Con is back! And we’re on a mission to provide the ultimate community-centered, nerd and pop culture experience, while creating a safe space for marginalized communities (women, LGBTQ, low-income, etc.)

Bring the entire family on September 26, 2020 to the Parkridge Community Center and pick up free toys, comics, school supplies and more and celebrate the hero inside of you.

Events for the Week Dec 2nd-8th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Long before they appeared on the big screen, superheroes have been at the forefront of pop culture. Their intrinsic association to human aspiration, ingenuity, and strength has inspired us to connect with the hero within ourselves. Through colorfully splashed comic panels, they’ve shown us that although not every battle ends in victory, a hero’s tenacity ensures an eventual win. However, not unlike much of American history, superheroes have fallen victim to the perpetual erasure of multiculturalism, people of color, the LBGTQ community, women, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. But the lack of intersectionality throughout the history of the genre has inspired numerous progressive movements among fans, where the primary goal is to redefine the genre in a way that’s universally inclusive. Hero Nation seeks to contribute to this cause on a broader scale. It also focuses on the individual experience, ensuring that everyone feels empowered by celebrating the hero within themselves. Not only will Hero Nation provide a platform for diverse artist, writers and creators, while offering a safe space for thought-provoking panel discussions about superheroes inside Ypsilanti’s Parkridge Community Center, it will also have outside festivities; all in celebration of superheroes and diversity. So grab your capes, leather suits, lassos of truth, tights, armor, swords and shields, and join the Hero Nation on September 9th. It’s time to save the world!

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Events for the Week Sept 4th-10th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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