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Dice Tales: Schism (One Year Anniversary Show!)

Presenting the thirteenth live session of our continuing fundraiser campaign, Straight Outta the Forgotten Realms. Come watch local performers Brad Systma, Cari Scholtens, Chuck Fortenbacher, Liz Brand, and Ross Johnson gather around the table of Gamemaster Brooke Heintz in this live tabletop RP event. This performative evening of fast-paced RP will bring you hours of laughter, thrills, might & magic, and of course, dramatic dice-slinging!

This special presentation will be headliner for the Geekfest Dog Story Theater fundraiser. Come celebrate one year of Dice Tales adventures with us!

Ordulin stands on the brink of a civil war between those supporting Miklos Selkirk of the Silver Ravens and his cousin, the Countess Mirabeta. The Children of Destiny seek to help seat Miklos as the new ruler, but his cousin is prepared to fight incredibly dirty…

Dice Tales is brought to you by Character Case and Gaming Paper, with music and sound F/X by Syrinscape. All proceeds benefit Dog Story Theater.

Events for the Week May 20th-26th

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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