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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2016 Part 1

Huzzah! I returned to the biggest Ren Faire in all of Michigan, the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

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Motor City Steam Con 2016 Review

Normally, I attend an event from start to finish in order to form a full opinion on it. However, due to a family gathering that I could not miss (due to potential death or immense harm if I did), I was only able to attend the Motor City Steam Con from late Saturday afternoon to the end of the event. My “review” of the event is from the perspective of what I was able to experience in that short amount of time. I hope you will forgive me for not giving the full rundown of everything that this event had to offer.

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BlackRock Medieval Fest 2016 Revisited

So nice, I had to visit twice. I visited BlackRock Medieval Fest on it’s final Saturday for the year. Enjoy the photos.

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Go!Daiko Con 2016

Our convention has many areas in which attendees can explore. We bring guests ranging from all sorts of talents; voice actors, musicians, industry workers, etc. We have an expansive manga library where attendees can relax and catch up, or start reading a new manga series. We host many panels that are put on by fellow attendees or our special guests that cater to many different interests. Our video game room offers multiple consoles and games for our attendees enjoyment. And if you’re hungry, take a break in our Maid Cafe, and enjoy freshly baked goods and con food favorites.

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Autism Hero Walk

Calling all superheroes…
Autism Alliance of Michigan is hosting its 2nd annual Autism Hero Walk at the Detroit Zoo on Sunday July 31st, 2016. We are expecting over 2000 walkers to attend this inspirational and fun event.
We are looking for superheroes to join us in costume to take photos and meet our amazing families.

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Cosplay Beach Party 2016

Hosting a Swimsuit Cosplay Meet-Up at park with beaches!
We’ll have food(grills), drinks(BYOB for alcohol), music/dance/rave parties featuring Hardcore 313 DJs, volleyball/Ultimate Frisbee/football/badminton/etc., photoshoots, watermelon smashing (スイカ割り) and bunch of WEEB activities!

We will be holding a cosplay beach volleyball tournament, a swimsuit cosplay contest AND a regular cosplay contest!

It would be so kind if any of you could bring some food and drinks to share! (We also have a PayPal set up for and will also make a tip/donation jar if you’d like to help chip in instead!)
link: https://www.paypal.me/DisMei

Come with your swimsuit version cosplays, or just your regular cosplays! No limitations! Cosplays are not mandatory to attend this event.

Park Entrance cost $10 at the toll booth, so make sure to bring cash with you! (I’ll have to re-check to see if they take card)
If you can, you can park somewhere nearby and carpool with some friends from there to avoid paying multiple entrance fee if it can be avoided!

The park does not allow the beach space to be reserved and our Shelter “C” aka Spring Hill is in located in a secluded area, which is walking distance on the trail of 10~15min/1000 steps (I checked on my pedometer today) away from the beach. This will allow us to have music entertainment and PA system without bothering the other shelters! The park has many rules and regulation where many activities we would want to have are restricted only in the picnic area which includes : grilling, consumption of alcohol, music, PA system, event-like activities, etc.

Therefore the volleyball tournament, musical entertainment, cosplay contest, drinking/eating will be held at the picnic area, and guests can have photoshoots at the beach, sunbathe, or boat rental! This is an all-day event, so there are no restrictions to when you show up, unless you will be participating in the Volleyball Tournament or entering in the Cosplay Contest.

The beach may seem slightly bumpy and less smooth sand-like look. I am thinking of using either the backside of a rake or a snow shovel to flatten the beach surface and create an ideal flat sand look for photoshoot.

REMINDER: The beach space IS NOT RESERVED (and cannot be) therefore the beach will have the general public there this is a warning, cosplays are very flashy so people will stare at you. But fear not! Embrace your outstanding work of cosplay and let’s get some great shots on the beach scene!

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Super Soul

Vault of Midnight and GR Soul Club Present: SUPER SOUL at the Pyramid Scheme

$8 advance/$10 day of show | ages 21+

A Dance Party & Costume Contest For The Ages!
Vault of Midnight and Grand Rapids Soul Club unite in the ultimate crossover event to bring you a dazzling evening of funk, soul, and retro superheroes.

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Motor City Steam Con 2016

Whilst I was not present for the full event, here are photos from my experience on Saturday afternoon and Sunday at this splendid event.

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