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JAFAX 2016 (Sat/Sun)

Final batch of photos from JAFAX 2016. Saturday afternoon to closing time on Sunday are the name of the game of this album from the returning event.
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JAFAX 2016 (Fri/Sat)

Check out these photos from Friday and Saturday afternoon from the returning JAFAX.

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JAFAX 2.0 Reboot (2016)

Grand Rapids’ longest running anime con is back. This convention was sorely missed in 2015.  2016 will mark the 20th anniversary event for the convention which celebrates attendees dressed in costumes of popular Japanese animation characters, cultural seminars, like how to make traditional Japanese meals, and even local artists who will exhibit at booths throughout the weekend.

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Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire 2016

Once again, I was able to visit the Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire at Morley Park. Enjoy these photos from the fine Saturday that I attended. Huzzah!!!!

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JAFAX 20 Interview

JAFAX (Japanese Animation, Film, and Art eXpo) is a long running anime convention in Grand Rapids with 19 years of history. Rae and Jon talk about this awesome convention and the guests. Check it out.


Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire 2016

2016 will be our 3 rd Annual Cedar Springs Renaissance Faire held the second weekend in June. Hosted by the Cedar Springs Area Chamber of Commerce (CSACOC). Friday June 10th will be the start of the 3 day event with a Royal Cast Meet and Great at 6 pm, food in the Morley Park, and an outdoor movie (just before dark). Saturday June 11th will start out with down town sidewalk sales, a sidewalk parade form 18 Mile Road south to Morley Park, vendors and entertainers from 12 pm to 6 pm, and a Royal Dinner and Entertainment in Morley Park from 6 pm to 8 pm. Sunday the 12th 12 pm to 6 pm we will have vendors and entertainment in Morley Park.

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Ivy Doomkitty at the Motor City Comic Con 2016

Prominent cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty gives the scoop on her thoughts on cosplay, body positivity, her affinity for villains and her love of Deftones.


M. Bison Photo courtesy of York in a Box

Great Lakes Fur Con 2016

Great Lakes Fur Con is a family-friendly convention for “furries”,  fans of anthropomorphic animals (such as Looney Tunes, Disney characters, etc) who express their interest through fan artwork, writing, music and costumed performance.  Our next convention will take place May 27-29, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Express South in Grand Rapids, MI, where we will be hosting the “Furry Olympics” with our Guests of Honor: Coopertom, King Gourd & Scurrow.

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