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2018 Spring Year in Review Pt 2

These Year in Reviews are not, what I call, official “reviews”. They are a series of musings, learned lessons and stories of what I experienced through out the year. Of course, reviews are featured but they are blended in with everything. It’s a director’s commentary of my adventures during the year of 2018 in the Michigan Geek Scene. Continue reading 2018 Spring Year in Review Pt 2

2018 Photo Retrospective Part 4

Here are some photos of my journey through 2018. These photos resonated with me for various reasons.  This album features pics from my time at CosPlay Day, the Cherry Capital Comic Con, and the Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival.

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CosPlay Day 2018

Come Nerd With Us
GRCC invites you to join us once again for the second annual cosplay day !!
Larping , Private photoshoots, games, concerts and more.

$ 10.00 per adult [ages 13 +]
$ 5:00 per child [ages 3-12]
any child under the age of 3 is free

Support your local geek events.
For more info, check out:

Events for the Week May 7th-13th

7 events for you to experience this week. Check them out.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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