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Corvus Cohort ~ Mercenaries of the 1500’s Historical Camp

Historic Reenactment Camp, both days at The 2017 Sparta Celtic Festival.

Corvus Cohort: Mercenaries of the 1500’s… exactly what it sounds like! In a world where warfare in this era is thought to be full of armored knights and unregulated swordsmen charging at each other, Corvus Cohort steps up to educate and entertain!
At events such as Renaissance Faires and reenactments, Corvus Cohort shows the history of the 1500’s through the developments in military life and culture. Our pike and musket drill show the Renaissance mindset focusing on organization and order, with the rise to power of the middle-class and the beginnings of modern humanist ideals of exploration and equality.
We follow the philosophy of “Edutainment,” combining education and entertainment, being able to teach and inform in a fun and inspiring way!

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Events for the Week Aug 7th-13th

Pirates, Mercs, Dinos and Nerds. Oh My! 4 events for the week.

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Grand Valley Renaissance Festival 2016

Enjoy the photos from the 21st year of the annual Grand Valley Renaissance Festival. Huzzah!!!

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BlackRock Medieval Fest 2016

Blackrock Medieval Fest is a Ren Faire event held in Augusta, Mi. The theme for this year was the Battle of the Gods. Enjoy these pictures.

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