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Mail Order Monsters + Free Hat

Mail Order Monsters: We’re a three piece group from Grand Rapids
Michigan, writing and performing original music using only Commodore 64 computers. Our focus is to make new engaging, original music using the Commodore 64. The group is comprised of three keyboard players, using multiple keyboards connected to Commodore audio circuitry. Our music pushes the Commodore SID sound past its previous limitations as a single SID chip machine, utilizing over 20 audio chips from Commodore computers in our live shows.

Free Hat: Formed in 2017, Free Hat utilizes an eclectic mix of
instruments to create a sound influenced by a wide variety of genres.
Saxophone and Vibraphone lend a jazz-tinged feel to the sound, while synthesizer and electric and acoustic percussion represent industrial influences. With a punk-rock motivated songwriting ethos, this band delivers straight-forward songs while providing plenty of texture and atmosphere along the way.

Events for the Week Feb 25th-Mar 3rd

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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Geeks and Ink 12th Session (Show Your Tattoos)

Welcome to Geeks and Ink, where we highlight awesome tattoos based on geek culture. Tattoos are a unique way in which we express ourselves. Not only do they show off art but they often have a story or meaning behind them. Find out what these tattoos mean to these people. 

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Mail Order Monsters, Exposure Therapy, and Palm Hands Concert

$ 5.00 / Age 21 And Up

Palm Hands: Musique concrète, hot filth and brotherly love. Soundtrack music for dreams and nightmares

Mail Order Monsters: Legendary 8 bit scientists creating mind blowing synthscapes with homebrew electronics. See them now before NASA classifies them as a government secret

Exposure Therapy: The world’s ONLY true glittersex duo. Sci-Fi synth warriors on a mission to spread love from the deepest reaches of space!

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Events for the Week March 19th-25th

Seven events to kick off the Spring season. Enjoy.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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GR8bit Live IV! Review

GR8bit Live is an annual Video Game Music (VGM) concert which serves as a fundraiser to purchase board game and video game equipment for the local children’s hospital. All of the proceeds from the event went towards the hospital. For the first two years, the event was held at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids. Last year, a convention was centered around the concert and held at DeVos Hall. GR8bit Live IV returned back to being a concert for this year. This time around, it was a 2 day concert event with activities attached.

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