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Steampunk Sunday Salon, February Edition!

Join us on Sunday,February 4, 2018, from 3pm to 6 pm at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for food, drink, and good cheer with friends old and new!

And for those of you who may be wanting to dip your toes in the local steampunk community, this is a perfect first outing. No pressure, no hype, come and join us!

Please also remember that the service style at the brewery is pub style, so please remember to bus your table 🙂

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Events for the Week Feb 5th-11th

Pop Culture, Anime and Harry Potter are in store for you this week.

Don’t know what to do for the week? Well, check out what’s going on for this weekend.

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ScoutCon Game Day

A single day of gaming to raise funds for High Adventure Camp. Local publisher Grand Gamers Guild will be there teaching and selling Unreal Estate, Stroop, and Pocket Ops, and showing off the new Endeavor: Age of Sail.

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Jackson Toy Show February 2018

It’s The Jackson Toy Show! This is the one you DON’T want to miss! All your NASCAR, Hot Wheels, sportcards, dolls, Pez, model cars, promos, trains, slot cars, matchbox, old toys, Star Wars, die cast semi trucks, tractors and diecast and so much more.

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Steampunk Extraordinaire!

One of our most exciting First Friday’s is almost here!
Victorian era meets up with a post apocalyptic scene sparking the interest in many.
We urge you to climb aboard the celebration of our city this month.
The costumes are amazing and the participating venues will be host to most extraordinary steampunk fun.
Feel free to throw your own costume together…you might like it…you might love it.

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Late Night Adult Strategy Game Night

A evening of fellowship, fun, tacos, and table top board games!
All experiences are welcome! The library will be providing taco bar fixings (ground beef, taco shells, lettuce, beans, salsa) and a space to play. Attendees are welcome to bring snacks/ drinks to share. If there is a game you wish to play, bring it. If there is a game you can teach, bring it! ya just wanna make some new gaming friends? bring your self! if there is a game you love playing but are not comfortable teaching, post the game, if there is a copy we will find someone to learn to teach it :-] FREE events are only around as long as people attend them, so please come join us!

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