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Capitol Steam Supports the Food Bank 2018

It’s another year of giving for Capitol Steam and The Greater Lansing Food Bank. Join us at Kellys Lansing to welcome the spirit of St Paddy’s on March 10 as we allow our Steampunk identity to Explore the Northern Realm…a land steeped with Scottish and Irish traditions and culture. Dress in your normal steampunk and/or old timey garb or break out your kilts, plaid, or tweed and dress to fit the Northern Realm Aesthetic. (Garb is suggested but not mandatory)
Enjoy an atmosphere of great drinks and good friends and music, all while supporting a great cause.
• Admission will be two cans of food (non perishables) minimum or $5.
All proceeds will go to Greater Lansing Food Bank.
• Steampunk, Pirate, Ren Faire, and traditional garb (particularly kilts) suggested but not mandatory.
• Live music will be featured from various local performers dedicated to this amazing cause.

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The Dude’s Day – 20 Years Of “The Big Lebowski”

March 6th will be the 20th anniversary of “The Big Lebowski” coming to theaters, and Meggaxp, wants to celebrate by bringing “The Dude’s Day” to the Commonwealth Commerce Center in beautiful downtown Jackson, Michigan!!!

“The Dude’s Day” is a celebration of ALL THINGS LEBOWSKI, and it will be done with a unique Meggaxp flavor! Here is just a sampling of what we have in store for you during this occasion:

ALL DAY “THE BIG LEBOWSKI” showings in Auditorium D. From open to close of the event, you can sit in on as many showings of “The Big Lebowski” as you’d like!

Lebowski Cosplay Contest! Whether you’re dressing up as The Dude, Walter, Donnie, Maude, The Nihlists, or any of the other amazing characters from “The Big Lebowski,” be sure to enter our cosplay contest to compete for prizes!

White Russians On Special – That’s right – from open to close you can score The Dude’s official drink of choice – WHITE RUSSIAN, on special! Or maybe you’re more like a Walter and prefer beer? Well, the Commonwealth Commerce Center will have that for sale as well!

Wii Bowling Tournaments – In true Meggaxp fashion, no event is complete without SOME video gaming involved, and what better way to tie the Big Lebowski with gaming than with WII BOWLING games. Get a team together and compete for a real Dude’s Day Bowling trophy – JUST DON’T STEP OVER THE LINE!

A Walter Sobchak RAGE contest! In one of the more outrageous events, we will be having a “Walter Sobchak Rage contest.” In an event similar to Blood Bash ’18 – Horror Show!‘s Scream Queen Contest, we will be offering a prize to whoever can give us the most convincing “Shut the F$#$ up Donny,” “Donny you’re out of your element!,” “Do you see what happens Larry?” “OVER THE LINE” or any other of Walter’s memorable rage quotes!

Lebowski Trivia! Think you know the most about The Big Lebowski? Well prove it as you go head to head with other urban achievers to see who really does know the most about The Dude and his world.

Lebowski-Oke! Whether it’s Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan, or of course, Creedance – we will be jamming to the original recordings OR you can take a step up to the plate and do some Lebowski-Oke to any of the songs featured in the playlist! BUT NEVER ANY EAGLES, MAN!!!!

Lebowski themed vendors! From artwork to magnets, posters, shirts, and maybe even a few rugs – we will have some of the best Big Lebowski themed merch on display for you to purchase!

Lotta ins,
lotta outs,
lotta what have yous!

So put on your bath robe, grab your checkbook, and head on down to theCommonwealth Commerce Center for Meggaxp‘s “The Dude’s Day” – and celebrate 20 years of The Big Lebowski!!!!

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Con Ja Nai 24 2018

Con Ja Nai is a FREE “not a con(vention)”, hosted by Animania, the Japanese Animation Film Society at the University of Michigan. Con Ja Nai has a few staples that make it worth coming to!

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