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Symphonic Boom presents rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes

What is one of the myriad of things that come to your mind when you think of video games? Is it the awesome visuals that delight your eyes? What about the engrossing stories that draws you in? Or is it the fun gameplay that keeps you at it for periods of time ranging from minutes to marathon long hour sessions? How about the music? Spend enough quality time with a video game and the music will crawl into your ears and embed itself into your mind. Since video games have been around for 40 plus years, it is safe to say that numerous tunes and compositions have made their way into our hearts and minds over time. These beloved songs have inspired various covers that run that gamut of very distinct genres of music. Rock, metal, polka and piano are only a select few of the hundreds of covers out there for your audio enjoyment.

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The Art of Video Games Exhibition Review

Hey folks, did you know that the Flint Institute of Arts is hosting a Smithsonian touring exhibition. You must be asking yourself, “Why do I care? How is that remotely geeky?” Well, that very exhibition in question is called the Art of Video Games. Is it worth the trip to Flint or is it a waste of time? Check out my experiences and review of this exhibition. Continue reading The Art of Video Games Exhibition Review

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental
Nov 14th, 2014

Off the Beaten Path Books and Doc Colony’s Reloaded Events presents this magnitudinous event.
Professor Elemental is bringing his unique brand of steampunk and chap hop to Detroit. What’s chap hop you ask? Old timey English proper and hip hop combined for unique lyrics. Professor Elemental combines comedy and music while spitting lyrics and rhymes. Opening acts will include a burlesque show by Miss Holly Hock, sideshow extraordinaire Christopher Bogucki (who might eat fire) and DJ Tommy Toon. Mark your calendars.

Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee Ave
Detroit, MI 48202

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Here is a little bit of announcement if I may. For those who have been stopping by this website, thank you very much. If you are wondering why it looks rather plain, it’s because this is just an events prototype place holder of something bigger to come. Not a lot of people know about it yet since I haven’t advertised its existence. The real deal site will have images and videos to accompany the articles. I will also have more of a routine upload schedule as well. I want to be able to list all of the cool nerd and geek events for Michigan. All of the info on this site will transfer over to the final version.

If you feel that I have left something out, feel free to contact me and let me know. I really do not want to leave out much. This applies to all the various geek genres out there in Michigan. If you have a con or event that you want me to put up here, contact me please. If you have any suggestions on what content you would like to see in the event descriptions send them my way. Let’s work together for more geek happenings in Michigan. Who wouldn’t want that? People who don’t like fun, that’s who. Like I mentioned earlier, bigger things are coming down the line. Stay tuned.


Steampunk Night of November 2014

Steampunk Night of November 2014
November 8th 8pm to 1am

Michigan’s own Steampunk DJ Van Helsteam will be spinning music for you folks who want to drink and dance. Van Helsteam mixes Electro swing, Irish, Steampunk and other genres of music to get you out on the dance floor. There is no coverage for this show but you can donate if you want to. Dress up in Ren faire, Steampunk or Pirate attire if you would like as well. Mark your calendars.

Kelly’s Downtown
220 S Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan 48933

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Fantasticon S2-EP4

Fantasticon S2-EP4
November 8th, 2014

Fantasticon Comic Book & Pop Culture Show is just what the name suggests. This is a one day comic book and collectibles event. Comic artists, writers and music will be available. The admission price ranges from $5 to $7. Mark your calendars.

Gibraltar Trade Center
237 North River Rd
Mt. Clemens, MI. 48043

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